May Hornet Award: Lachelle Pool

The May HORNET AWARD was presented to Lachelle Pool, Fiedler Elementary AER monitor, at the May 8  Kearsley Community Schools Board of Education Meeting. 

Excerpt from her nomination:

If you know, you know... Lachelle has been around Kearsley for years and she has always taken on every challenge with a smile, some advice, and even some tough love. From driving the bus, to monitoring halls, to running the AER room at Fiedler, she always puts kids first. Miss Lachelle has high expectations and builds strong relationships with students and staff wherever she is. She has a sense of humor and ability to be straight with kids, while being their champion at the same time. Lachelle is a team player and pitches in wherever and whenever needed. We have parents who come to get their kids who remember Miss Lachelle with fondness and respect. Kids know that she is in their corner, but that she expects them to follow the rules. Our building would not be the same without her!

Thank you to the Mark Owen Agency - Meemic Agent of Davison for their continued support of this award.


Photo: Dr. Wade KCS Board President, Lachelle Pool Fiedler Elementary AER monitor, and Paul Gaudard KCS Superintendent