Safety Drills

In July 2014, the requirements for school safety drills changed for public schools in Michigan. Schools must conduct five fire safety drills, two tornado drills and three lock-down drills annually.

Documentation of the drills must be posted on the schools' websites.

Kearsley Community Schools has updated its emergency response procedures to meet these requirements.

As safety drills are completed, documentation will be added here.

Weston Safety Drill
Dowdall Safety Drill
Fiedler Safety Drill
Armstrong Safety Drill
Kearsley High Safety Drill 

AMS Safety Drill 2020-2021
Dowdall Safety Drill 2020-2021
Fiedler Safety Drill 2020-2021
KHS Safety drill 2020-2021
Weston Safety drill 2020-2021

AMS safety drill Oct. 18, 2019
Fiedler safety drill Sept. 23, 2019

Dowdall safety drill Oct. 31, 2019
Weston safety drill Jan. 13, 2020
Weston safety drill 2019-2020
KHS safety drill 2019-2020
Fiedler safety drill 2019-2020


KHS safety drills 2018-2019
AMS safety drills 2018-2019
Fiedler safety drills 2018-2019
Dowdall safety drills 2018-2019
Weston safety drills 2018-2019

KHS safety drills 2017-2018
AMS safety drills 2017-2018
Fiedler safety drills 2017-2018
Dowdall safety drills 2017-2018
Weston safety drills 2017-2018


KHS safety drills 2016-2017
AMS safety drills 2016-2017
Fiedler safety drills 2016-2017
Dowdall safety drills 2016-2017
Weston safety drills 2016-2017

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